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Client: Okavango Diamond Company

Product: The Okavango Blue

Media: Film / PR

Year: 2019

Role: Chief Creative Officer

The film features real people of Botswana, because the stone belongs to them. The Okavango Diamond Company is a government owned entity and the proceeds of the sale of the diamond will go directly to the funding of hospitals, schools, infrastructure and conservation in the small African country.


Knowing that their diamonds are ethically sourced has become non-negotiable for discerning consumers around the world. But although consumers have evolved, diamond marketing has not. Since De Beer’s coined the phrase ‘Diamonds are Forever’ in the 30s, diamonds have become an emblem of lasting love. The category is generally based on a man-made narrative.


We wanted to disrupt the status quo, by telling the remarkable and sometimes unfathomable story of the stone itself.

‘The Light at the Start of Everything' is a visual poem written by Iain Thomas for The Okavango Blue, the remarkably rare and largest Deep Blue diamond that has ever gone to market. The film explores the stone’s origin and the magical, unspoilt land of Botswana to which it belongs. In contrast with the 3-billion-year existence of the stone, it reflects on the transient nature of our human lives and reminds us that the light inside the diamond is the same light that resides in us. We all come from the same eternal something. The Okavango Blue is a way to hold that ‘something’ in your hands.

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