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Client: adidas 

Product: Brand/FIFA World Cup 2022

Media: Social

Year: 2022

Role: Chief Creative Officer

Adidas presents the impossible billboard. A monumental real time media effort celebrating Messi’s world cup victory, in the iconic, impossible to advertise, Dubai frame. For the first time in history people were seeing the impossible - a picture in the Dubai frame at the most celebrated moment of the world cup. How did we do it? We didn’t. The whole piece was by definition, impossible. It was never there. We faked it. But the world believed it was real.


Two hours after Argentina’s victory on Sunday night, an unbranded videoclip seemingly taken from a moving car and showing an impossibly huge adidas’s digital billboard celebrating Messi’s victory in the impossible to advertise Dubai Frame.


Our tactical yet gladiatorial spectacle used a 3D optical illusion on a scale to match the moment, and the brand “shared” it on Instagram for the world to see. Not only was it not real but hardly anyone believed it wasn’t, digital manipulation at its best.


Thought and produced, in the short time between the semi-finals and the final, the content shared with the world was entirely CGI generated – allowing adidas to create an ad to match the scale of the moment.


The reactions came as fast as the piece itself as within two days of being released, this social media post generated over 250 million organic views and 12.5+ million engagements across Instagram, TikTok and twitter making this CGI generated, non-existing digital billboard the most viewed billboard of 2022.


What does this ad spell for the future of OOH advertising if we can turn any surface or city into an ad and share it in real time?

1 X Shortlist


1 x Craft Certificate

Case Film

impossible billboard case board.jpg
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