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Client: adidas 

Product: Women's Running 2023

Media: Social / Film 

Year: 2023

Role: Chief Creative Officer

92% of women don't feel safe when they run. But only 18% of men think they hold any responsibility. This has led women to change their running behaviour in ridiculous ways, from never running at night to running with guns and knives. So adidas set off to change the conversation by showing just how much more ridiculous running can be when the world makes women's safety only a woman's problem.

There’s obviously marketing impact of likes (156K) and views (2M) but The Ridiculous Run is about something much bigger than just a campaign with campaign metrics. In one month, the campaign’s minisite (hosting the allyship tools), has seen 1.5million visits and 88,000 people have completed the White Ribbon pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women - almost doubling the number of pledges made since that start of 2022. In addition, adidas has started to shift the media narrative from telling women how to run safe and victim blaming, to telling the world that women’s safety isn’t just a women’s problem with 540 pieces of PR coverage across high reach titles.

Case Film

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