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Client: Tiger Brands

Product: All Gold Brand 

Media: Film 

Year: 2016

Role: Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director

All Gold is a proudly South African brand and has a long, rich heritage as one of South Africa’s most loved brands. All Gold’s new commercial features animated characters harvesting, cleaning and bottling fruit in All Gold World, a magical place where farmers live and work in orchids, producing some of South Africa’s best-loved products. 


The All Gold World had to be authentically South African in its aesthetic and narrative. We have all grown up with All Gold tomato sauce and its iconic bottle crammed with 36 tomatoes as well as the accompanying memorable advertising campaigns. The commercial is rollercoaster ride of activity and images to spur the imagination and make it fun to watch repeatedly. It pays homage to the memory structures of previous campaigns, while repositioning the brand in a bold, contemporary and relevant way.


1 x Craft Certificate

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