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Client: Datsun South Africa

Product: Datsun GO Launch Campaign

Media: Social / Digital / Film

Year: 2015

Role: Chief Creative Officer

To create communication that successfully penetrated our youthful, millennial target market, with their short attention spans, we decided to speak to them in their own language. We sought inspiration from the world our market lives in, which is not the world of TV and radio, but the online and social media space. This world has a language all of its own, as personified by the meme. Memes have a tone, expression and sense of humour that is truly unique. Inspired by the phenomenon of memes, we were led to our creative idea - Because Car. With the Because Car campaign, we were able to make a new entrant to the market tactically relevant, entertaining and completely irreverent.

Why? Because Marketing.  And why was Because Car perfect for the Datsun Go? Because Car. 


Datsun reached the Number One spot in the Dealer Segment of the hotly contested entry level class of the South African car market. Total 2015 Sales from July to December 2015 (Post campaign Launch) = 2865

(Vs. Chevrolet 2401 / VW 1365 / Honda 1030 / Kia 616 / Hyunday 384 / Tata 39 - Available NAAMSA data)

Case Film

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