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Client: Datsun South Africa

Product: Datsun GO 

Media: Social / Digital / PR / Stunts & Activations  

Year: 2019

Role: Chief Creative Officer

Last year, a girlfriend rejected a Datsun GO car as a gift from her boyfriend. This sent South African Twitter wild and the country’s view on Datsun was split. We didn’t want to leave the opinion of our vehicle to social media. Even though the comments were mostly positive, we all know how quickly social media can turn from love to hate. Our brief was to prove that South Africans really love the Datsun GO. To prove it, we created the Twitter Tug of War, an online competition where one person could win a Datsun GO by pulling it to their location using just their tweets. The main objective of the campaign was to increase brand affinity for Datsun. With every brief, test drives are also always an objective. Over fifteen days, our algorithm analysed an average of over 12 000 tweets a day. There were days when the Twitter Tug of War trended above Black Friday and the South State Capture Enquiry. 290604 Impressions over 11 days.

Average session duration on site was 4 minutes and 51 seconds.  Test drives went up 80%. The Datsun GO became one of the top ten bought cars of December 2018, proving that people really love the car.


1 X Gold Bookmark

4 X Bronze Bookmarks


1 X Bronze Loerie

1 X Craft Certificate

Case Film

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