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Client: Goodbye Malaria

Product: Brand CI

Media: Design / Experiential 

Year: 2017

Role: Chief Creative Officer

Malaria kills more people in Mozambique than anywhere else. But an initiative called Goodbye Malaria is turning things around through an innovative hut-spraying program. The project is not just about science. It’s protecting the vibrant soul of Mozambique. So we brought together Mozambique’s iconic Capulana fabric and the four Malaria pathogens. These pathogen patterns were incorporated throughout the CI. 


We collaborated with traditional Mozambican fabric makers to expand on the existing Goodbye Malaria clothing range.The pathogen patterns respond to real-time data, disappearing as Malaria cases are reduced. Yearly, this will also reflect on all printed elements. 

1 x Bronze Lion

2 x Bronze Pencils

2 x One Show Merit


1 x Gold Loerie

1 x Bronze Loerie


Ranked in the worldwide top 40 successful campaigns for good causes.

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1 x Creative Circle Communication Design

Ad of the Year

Case Film

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