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Client: Joburg Ballet

Product: Brand

Media: Film / Social / Digital / PR / Design / Branded Content / Use of Data

Year: 2018
Role: Chief Creative Officer

The Joburg Ballet had a problem. Ticket sales had been down year on year, primarily because they had struggled to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience. Despite introducing more contemporary, African-inspired productions, they were not even a consideration for most South African millennials, who saw ballet as a stuffy, old Colonial art form. In short, Joburg Ballet needed to become more relevant. They needed to step out of the dance studio and theatre, and become a part of popular culture.


To this end, they launched a campaign called Breaking Ballet, an ongoing series of bite-sized ballets inspired by the big, trending stories of the moment. Each little ballet is beautifully documented in a short film, which is then fed back into the online conversation as quickly as possible. These bite-sized ballets were about anything – entertainment, sport, politics, social issues – the only criteria was that they are based on current stories that our audience care about, generating big buzz online.

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1 x Gold Lion

1 x Silver Lion

1 X Yellow Pencil

1 X Graphite Pencil

2 X Shortlists

1 x Gold Pencil

1 x Silver Pencil

4 x One Show Merits

2 x Silver Epica

1 x Bronze Epica

1 x Gold Clio

1 x Silver Clio

1 x Bronze Clio

1 x Commendation

for being exceptional

in its field.

2018 TBWA WW

Disruption Live

Overall Winner

1 x Public Service Award 

3 x Gold Loeries

1 x Silver Loeries


1 x Winner Social Video

1 x Winner Real Time Response


2019 WARC Top 100 campaigns (86th)


2020 WARC Top 100 campaigns (80th)


1 x Gold Bookmark

4 x Silver Bookmarks

1 x Bronze Bookmark

Case Film

No1 Change of Seasons

No2 Money Fight

No3 Strike a Rock

No4 Love is Love

No5 Rain Must Fall

No6 Januworries

No7 Copy Cat

No8 Africa Forever

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