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Client: McVitie's 

Product: Brand

Media: Film

Year: 2023

Role: Co-Chief Creative Officer with Andy Jex

As the category’s True Original, McVitie’s is often copied – but never equaled. The 'True Originals' platform has been created to reaffirm the brand’s position as not only the sweet biscuit market leader, but purveyor of some of the UK’s most loved biccie brands - from Hob Nobs, to Rich Tea to Chocolate Digestives - each seen as an integral part of British culture. Based on McVitie’s strongest brand truth: that it is the original and the best - the platform allows the McVitie’s to convey its venerated status, deliciousness and love for the brand without becoming wallpaper; to be iconic and not just talk iconic; and to set it apart from the huge number of imitations and copycats out there. To create massive moments of engagement and impact.


The platform will become the basis for a range of activations, campaigns and cultural moments in the coming months and years as the brand reasserts and reaffirms its market leader position, aiming to make the concept of being a True Original part of the fabric of British culture and language.


The debut activation is a TV campaign featuring one of the country’s most loved and respected True Originals, Sir Trevor McDonald - who returns to a newsdesk for the first time since he retired 15 years ago.


In current award cycle

In current award cycle

In current award cycle

In current award cycle

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