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Client: MTN South Africa

Product: FIFA 2010 World Cup Sponsorship

Media: Integrated / Film / Outdoor / PR / Radio & Audio / Activation / Branded Content

Year: 2009-2010

Role: Executive Creative Director & Creative Director

Most South Africans could not afford to go to any 2010 FIFA World Cup games, so we had to bring the world cup to them. Ayoba gave us the rallying cry that united all South Africans wherever they were. At a game, at home, at a fan fest, it didn’t matter, South Africans and the rest of the world could celebrate together under the banner of Ayoba. Suddenly the word of the people became the world cup Chant. Blow your Vuvuzela, shout Ayoba!
Ayoba, as a word, expresses exactly what and how MTN needed to act. It was born from South African township culture a few years back. When someone was dancing and busting up the floor, peeps would say, Ayeye, or Ayoyo or Ayoba. One of the biggest impediments to national unity in South Africa is the language barrier - Ayoba gave the nation a positive word that everyone could unite in using.


1 x Gold Loerie

Case Film

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