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Client: MTN Group COVID-19 Initiative

Product: CSI

Media: Integrated / PR / Branded Content / Film / Radio & Audio / Activation / Social & Influencer

Year: 2020

Role: Chief Creative Officer 


MTN, through their Y’ello Hope platform, wanted to play a role in curbing the spread of Covid-19 by
encouraging people to wear their masks. But let’s be honest – every brand and government organisation was already doing the same thing. And when there is a lot of noise around the same subject, people stop listening.
In moments like this, the messenger becomes as important as the message.



Even though the data showed us that young Africans, weren’t very worried about protecting themselves the deep
regard they have for their elders meant they would want to protect them. That’s why we enlisted the world’s most influential people to spread our message - our moms and mother-figures. We knew that people would wear their masks for their moms, so for September 2020, we stopped all our commercial advertising and media spend and gave it to moms across Africa and the Middle East. 


For the first time in MTN’s history a multinational multi-media campaign went live in all markets on the same day. All turned around within 6 weeks during lock down. To kick off the campaign, 76 influencers from
across the region got asked publicly by their moms and loved ones to do one simple thing, to “wear it for me”.
Their responses of commitment triggered young Africans to take notice and challenge each other to wear masks not only for themselves but for the people they love who are more vulnerable. Every messenger we partnered with and every campaign element led people to the WearItFor.Me campaign site, where anyone could just mask up and share. 



So, did we get more people to wear masks? #WearItForMe trended across the continent. In one month,
we accumulated more than 687 million online impressions, with a reach of 88.5% in our key markets, generating more than 13.5k digital masks. This spread the message far and wide creating an awareness in young Africans that proved how our collective actions can positively affect the ones we love. Across the region, we spoke and acted as one – a collective with a single, powerful message for each other – ‘wear it for me’.  

Thanks Moms. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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Brand-led Best Advocacy Campaign

Case Film

Online film

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Client: MTN Group COVID-19 Initiative

Product: CSI

Media: Integrated

Year: 2021

Role: Chief Creative Officer 

Africa. A continent worth fighting for.


One More Push picked up where Wear it for Me left off. This is our commitment in support of the African Union's prevention strategy endorsed by Africa’s Health Ministers, and our drive to do what we can to help restore Africa. It is also an extension of our partnership with the Africa CDC which includes the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines to health workers across the continent through our donation of US$25 million. With third and fourth waves sweeping across many parts of Africa, the importance of everyone continuing to do their part cannot be overstated.


Concept and what it inspired:

2020 was more difficult and exhausting than we ever could have imagined. For all of us. We’ve all struggled. We’ve all cried. We’ve all felt - at times - like there was no hope. But we’ve also all grown stronger. We’ve grown closer. We’ve discovered what really matters. We’ve made it this far. And, we’re still here. In 2021, more than ever, it was time for one more big, collective effort. To do what we gotta do to beat this thing. To keep fighting. To keep wearing our masks and get our shots. For ourselves. For us all. “OneMorePush” A rallying cry to inspire and motivate a continent to push through and do whatever it takes to get past COVID for the good of us all.


1 x Bronze Loerie

Case Film

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