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Client: MTN Group 

Product: Brand Relaunch - What are we Doing Today?

Media: Integrated / Design / Branded Content / Film / Radio & Audio / Activation / Social & Influencer / Outdoor /

Year: 2022

Role: Chief Creative Officer 

MTN are pioneers of progress. Since Day One, they've gone where others wouldn't dare. They've broken down barriers and broken new ground. They are inspired by the people we serve. The chance-takers, the change-makers, the world-shapers. The Doers that bring energy to every opportunity.


They make the tools that Doers need to get things done. Tools that take them from here to there, from if to when,  

from thinking to doing, from can't to can to do. As Africa has progressed over the years, so have MTN. From Everywhere You Go, to going wherever progress needs to go. From tel-co to tech-co, fintech-co, API-co and future-co. Progress never stops. It's never done. It's something that starts up again, every single day.

Every day, MTYN are ready to go where things need doing. 

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1 x One Show Merit

2 X Craft Certificates

3rd Place Annual Awards - Design

MTN Brand Platform & Design System

Film - Feet

Film - Voice

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