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Client: Nissan Navara

Product: Navara

Media: Film / Radio & Audio / Social / Digital 

Year: 2022

Role: Chief Creative Officer

The Problem

South Africa is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries. When launching the new Navara, we needed to capture the attention of extremely diverse markets with an authentic voice.


How do you appeal to everyone and still make it personal? Using one of the most personal things of all… music. But with 35 languages and 11 official languages, South Africa has a lot of tastes, especially when it comes to music. How do you choose the perfect music track for the new Nissan Navara? By choosing all of them.

The Solution
We tossed the Navara through every challenging terrain we could find and filmed a series of high performance sequences. We then used different editing techniques designed to work with specific beats per minute. By rounding off tempo variations, we managed to cover basically every music genre in existence - with just four edits. We then partnered with the people who know music better than anyone… Spotify. This enabled us to choose every single one of their 70-million+ songs. When our audience arrived on our platform, they were greeted with a Nissan Navara film that had no soundtrack. Using Spotify’s streaming intelligence and marketing tools, users’ data was scanned for their most loved songs. These songs were matched to the BPM of a perfect edit - allowing everyone to experience the Navara personalised with their own, ultimate soundtrack in real time.

Nissan is a tech company that makes cars. Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service and the masters of curating music data. This online campaign was a perfect collaboration between the two, enabling us to directly target and engage with our extremely diverse markets.

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