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Client: Riky Rick Foundation 

Product: Brand

Media: AI / Film / Social / Digital / PR / Design / Branded Content / Use of Data / Audio / Merch

Year: 2023

Role: Chief Creative Officer

On the 23rd Feb 2022 South African rap & fashion icon Riky Rick lost his battle with mental illness. Riky always wanted to leave a legacy that lasted beyond his lifetime. We wanted to pay our respects and homage to him for the way he positively affected our lives and the lives of so many around him. It was while reading through Riky’s social media posts that we found a way to honour him. With the blessing of his family and in collaboration with his close friends we used the words in his posts to create a rap song called “Stronger”. Once we had the beat produced and his posts laid out as rap lyrics, we used AI to recreate his iconic voice.


The result is a track that gives listeners a positive outlook on life. We also helped set up the Riky Rick Foundation to which all the proceeds of the song will be directed. The foundation plans to use the money to support mental health institutions who are working to make a difference in the lives of people battling mental illness. Bless you Riky. I hope you are looking down on us with pride knowing that your legacy not only lives on but is now part of the fight to promote mental wellbeing in South Africa. We never die. We multiply. 

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1 x Silver Lion

1 x Wood Pencil

2 x Shortlists

4 x Merit Awards

4 x Gold Loeries

1 x Silver Loerie

1 x Bronze Loerie

1 x Craft Certificate

1 x MEA & Global Finalist

1 x Creative Circle PR & Media Ad of the Year

1 X Creative Circle Digital Ad of the Year


1 x Nominee

Case Film

Music Video

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