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Client: SASOL South Africa

Product: Brand / Corporate Image

Media: Film / Print

Year: 2004

Role: Art Director

The petroleum and chemicals manufacturing industry is, by nature of what they do, not considered to be a consumer or eco-friendly sector. Sasol is a prime example. For many years it was a state-owned corporation with a monopoly on the market and public perception of the company was that of a bureaucratic, conservative parastatal. Privatisation in the early 2000s forced the company to re-evaluate their market positioning and address public perception issues. 


Conventional thinking says you should tell people what you do. But we had a vision. We wanted to be seen as more than just a petrol company. After all, many of the chemical products we produce find their way into people’s everyday lives. Products as diverse as DVDs, perfume, light-bulbs, washing powder and wax crayons.  Even though Sasol is a truly visionary company, this fact had never been clearly communicated to consumers. So, instead of focusing on what we do, we chose to tell people how we think. 


The campaign crossed all barriers of age and education and spoke in a simple language even children could identify with. In doing so, Sasol had successfully disrupted the category, and elevated the brand to the status of an innovator.


7 x Gold Loeries

1 x Silver Loeries

2 x Bronze Loerie

1 x Entry into book /

Television Campaign

1 x Clio Shortlist

Television Campaign




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