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Client: Spotify 

Product: Spotify Premium

Media: Social / Digital / Design

Year: 2021

Role: Chief Creative Officer

South Africa – or Mzansi as we like to call it – is a country with its own truly unique aesthetics and music styles. We also need absolutely no reason to turn up the volume and get down to our favourite beats. From work, to school, to doing the household chores, to being stuck in traffic, to wherever really, any time is music time in Mzansi. Around the world, Spotify has become a symbol for what is cool, on trend and at the cutting edge of popular culture. So, when the world’s favourite listening platform partnered with us to promote Spotify Premium here in Mzansi, we knew we’d need to create something fresh and uniquely South African. We created a vibrant, bold and fresh illustration style to bring some of our most unique local listening occasions to life. These illustrations were rolled out online across most social platforms, in a campaign that felt distinctively Spotify, but undeniably Mzansi.

1 X One Show Merit


1 X Craft Certificate

Case Film

Spotify Premium_1.jpg
Spotify Premium_5.jpg
Spotify Premium_2.jpg
Spotify Premium_3.jpg
Spotify Premium_7.jpg
Spotify Premium_4.jpg
Spotify Premium_6.jpg
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