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Client: Flight Center / Student Flights

Product: Brand

Media: Stunts & Activation / Film / Experiential / Branded Content / Design 

Year: 2017

Role: Chief Creative Officer

This is not an ad for condoms, or a PSA for abstinence, but it could be. It’s actually a commercial for Student Flights, a company that hawks affordable travel packages to the young and untethered. And you should take those trips now because you’ll be an old, boring parent soon, and then you’ll never make it to Coachella.


To prove the point that babies and music festivals do not mix, we created a demanding, crying, crapping, wifi-enabled robot and saddled a South African comedian with it during a weekend outdoor concert. If he could make it through his “fatherhood” experiment, sharing the ups and downs on social media, he’d win a trip to New York.

ADWEEK called it, "Sadistic".

Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 08.29.42.png

1 x Gold Loerie

1 x Creative Circle Experiential

Ad of the Year

Case Film

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